What is Bluebeam Revu?

Bluebeam Revu combines powerful PDF editing, markup and collaboration technology with reliable file creation. Revu is used by the world’s top architectural, engineering and construction firms, as well as a wide range of industries from manufacturing to oil, gas and chemical. From the small one-man shops to enterprise customers with 10,000+ employees, we develop smart, simple solutions with our customers’ needs in mind to help them work more efficiently and effectively.

How do I sign up to become a Bluebeam Reseller?

The first step to becoming a Bluebeam Reseller is sending us your application. The reseller application can be found here.

What resources are available to me as a Bluebeam Reseller?

Every Bluebeam Reseller receives one-on-one sales and marketing support personalized to fit your business model and objectives. We have experience working with all types of resellers, from local design software resellers to international corporate enterprises. We offer resellers an award-winning training program, deal registration, joint sales calls, software demonstrations for qualifying opportunities, free trial download materials, NFRs, and other sales-specific resources. All resellers can take advantage of our curated list of lead-generating activities and the premade marketing materials available on our Resources Page. Our entire team is available to help, from channel and account managers to technical support specialists, marketing, application engineers and developers.

What marketing materials are available to me as a Bluebeam Reseller?

We provide premade marketing materials on our Resources Page that reseller can customize with their company information and use to promote Bluebeam’s products and drive leads. Electronic marketing materials include product descriptions, pricing sheets, product comparisons, promotional copy, logos and images to use on your company’s website. Resellers with status (Silver, Gold or Platinum partners) have the benefit of requesting customized marketing materials design by our world-class creative team.

How do my customers download free trials from my company website?

All Bluebeam Resellers receive a customized trial download link that can be emailed to prospective customers, posted on your company website, or shared through our handy trial booklets. When a customer uses your link to download a free trial of the software, they will be identified as your lead and forwarded to you for follow-up.

How does Bluebeam know whether a user who downloaded a trial from the Bluebeam website is my customer?

Your customized download link contains a multi-digit source code that is specific to your company. Leads that have your source code are automatically identified as your leads and forwarded to you for follow-up. It is important that you utilize and maintain these links, because only leads that download their trial from these links will be identified as belonging to your company.

How do I submit an order to Bluebeam?

Resellers can email all purchase orders to channelorders@bluebeam.com.

How does Deal Registration work at Bluebeam?

 Resellers may request Deal Registration for an additional 10% off orders of 10 or more new seats of Revu. Deal Registration is only available for customers who haven’t purchased in the last six months. Deal Registration is valid for 90 days, and is renewable for another 90 days upon request and approval. Requests for Deal Registration must be submitted on our Deal Registration page. Bluebeam will notify you via email whether the request has been approved. Deal Registration is not required for any orders, but can help you gain an edge over your competition.

What do the serial number prefixes in the Licensing System mean?

  • 1xxxxxx : Perpetual Licenses with no Enterprise License subscription. May or may not include Maintenance Agreement.
  • 98xxxxx : Perpetual Licenses with Enterprise License subscription (will include Maintenance Agreement naturally as part of the requirement).
  • 96xxxxx : Open Licenses.

How long does it take to process an order?

Purchase orders are typically processed within one business day, excluding weekends and US holidays.

How are orders delivered to my customers?

All customers receive an email from registration@bluebeamops.com containing a digital license certificate with a serial number and product key to register their software. The digital license certificate also contains a link to download the software if they need to reinstall for any reason. If your customer requires physical media, Bluebeam will ship a CD directly to him or her at no charge. Please clearly indicate on your PO if it is necessary to ship a CD with any order.

Where can I find answers to my customer's technical questions?

Resellers should serve as the first line of support for their customers, but please feel free to use our Bluebeam Channel Sales team as a resource. Many technical questions are answered in the FAQ section of our Support page, including product updates, release notes, compatibility information and licensing help. You can also contact your Bluebeam Channel Sales representative at partners@bluebeam.com if your customer has a more complicated technical question that you are unable to answer.

How do I handle technical questions from customers?

Most technical questions are answered in the FAQ section of our Support page. You can also contact your Bluebeam Channel Sales representative at partners@bluebeam.com if your customer has a more complicated technical question that you are unable to answer.

How do I know when new product information or new announcements are released?

Bluebeam will notify reseller via email when important product information is released. Product information is typically sent out with our monthly reseller-facing newsletter, VARiety. Please let us know if you are not receiving this newsletter and would like to be added to our mailing list. Sign up here or email us at partners@bluebeam.com.

Bluebeam’s own Director of Channel Services, Aaron Courdy, answers the most commonly asked questions from our resellers. His blog posts are featured on our News & Events page.  Got a question for Aaron? Email partners@bluebeam.com.

How does Bluebeam track leads for resellers?

As a reseller, you are most likely interested in how you can generate and track leads for your Bluebeam sales. This is important as you need to know which of your customers are interested in the software or have downloaded a trial of Revu. The key is in Bluebeam’s 30-day fully unlocked trial download links.


Bluebeam has a system in place in which each reseller has a specific set of trial download hyperlinks of Revu. These links are specific to each reseller, so if a customer downloads a trial through one of these links, Bluebeam can see which reseller generated the lead. Bluebeam then sends all of these leads on a weekly basis for the reseller to follow up with. Depending on the number of customers who follow this link and the implementation of a properly designed follow-up plan, this can significantly increase sales and reduce time required to make a sale.


Bluebeam recommends that you update your website with your reseller-specific trial download links and use those links in your emails and marketing material to your customers. This will ensure that you know which of your customers are actively interested in purchasing seats of Revu.


If you have any questions or need a copy of your links, please contact your Bluebeam Channel Sales Rep at partners@bluebeam.com. We are happy to provide you with any additional information.

Where do I find additional resources to help drive sales?

The Bluebeam team is always hard at work to help make selling our products easier. Our Resources page contains all of the marketing and sales collateral you might need to share with your customers. Customer-facing documents include one sheets that detail our current products and most noteworthy features, a comparison of Revu’s products, and even a simple MSRP price list so customers can see our incredibly competitive pricing. We also have great videos on the best techniques for selling Bluebeam Revu to each of our main industries and product tips & tricks to share with your customers.


As always, the best resource is your direct contact at Bluebeam. We are here to help you however we can, and we are just a quick email to partners@bluebeam.com away!

What’s the best way to start a conversation with potential Bluebeam customers?

Nearly every company uses PDFs in some form, so Bluebeam Revu is a pretty easy sell. Use it as a talking point to get your foot in the door with a new account or as a means to broaden your penetration into existing accounts. Bluebeam Revu’s niche as a PDF solution makes it a product that you can sell to almost every company on your account list, regardless of industry. The best starting point is to tell your customers that you’d like to introduce them to a more powerful, easier-to-use and less expensive PDF software alternative. Then, you will want to follow up and ask them some discovery questions, such as:

  • How are you currently working with PDFs?
  • Do you work with any design software products?
  • Do you have a paperless initiative?
  • Have you ever heard of Bluebeam Revu?
  • Can I send you a competitive quote?

Once you have them on the line, encourage your customers to download a trial; Revu has an astounding 80% conversion rate on trial downloads. Revu helps your customers do what they already do—but better!

Who are Bluebeam's customers?

Bluebeam Revu is a great fit for any company, from the small business to the large enterprise, because everyone uses PDF—it’s a universal file format. The target market for all Bluebeam solutions, however, is the technical industries: architecture, engineering and construction (AEC); oil, gas and chemical; and manufacturing. The predominant focus is construction, because PDF programs help democratize project information. Secondary markets include legal, government agencies and educational institutions.

What are Bluebeam's products?

Bluebeam offers several products for CAD or Microsoft Office users.

  • Bluebeam® Revu® Standard
  • Bluebeam® Revu® CAD
  • Bluebeam® Revu® eXtreme™
  • Studio Enterprise™

What other products does Bluebeam Revu work with?

Bluebeam Revu Standard has direct integration with SharePoint and ProjectWise. Bluebeam Revu CAD and eXtreme have direct plugins for AutoCAD®, Revit®, Navisworks® Manage, Navisworks Simulate, SolidWorks® and SketchUp® Pro. Convert any IFC or U3D file to PDF with ease.  For the most up-to-date information on each edition of Revu’s compatibility with other products, check out our Bluebeam Compatibility page. For a quick and easy reference on what products and their versions are compatible with Revu, consult the Revu Compatibility Chart. This resource gets updated with every point-release, so you and your customers can always stay up to speed.

For specific questions about Revu’s compatibility with other products, contact your Bluebeam Channel Sales rep at partners@bluebeam.com.

Is there a question we have not answered? Ask it here!