Authorized Bluebeam Partners exhibit the knowledge and passion to provide customers with Bluebeam solutions. At this level, Bluebeam provides comprehensive sales support and access to a wide variety of pre-made, easy-to-implement marketing resources to help generate leads and maximize your partnership.

Silver Partners demonstrate a commitment to working with Bluebeam to ensure that customers receive high-quality service and support. At this level, Bluebeam offers personalized marketing support to help develop your position in the marketplace and generate more leads. We work with you to develop tailored sales and marketing objectives to help your business flourish.

Gold Partners consistently provide customers with superior service and technical support, and exhibit success in sales achievement. Partners at this level receive increased marketing support and exclusive benefits for further sales enablement. We value a close working relationship with our Gold Partners and make it a priority to ensure your success with Bluebeam.

Platinum Partners exemplify best-in-class customer service, Bluebeam product knowledge and sales achievement. Partners at this level have the closest working relationship with Bluebeam, but also have the experience and resources to independently maintain success. Bluebeam provides premium marketing opportunities to help Platinum Partners establish themselves as leaders in the marketplace.

Tier Benefits & Requirements

Sales Benefits Authorized Silver Gold Platinum
One-on-one pre- and post-sales and technical support from a dedicated account manager
Eligible to participate in general sales incentive programs and promotions
Eligible to participate in Deal Registration
Co-hosted online customer product demos
Access to Not For Resale (NFR) copies of Bluebeam products
Sales and marketing annual reporting and analysis
Increased discount margin
Licensing Portal access to release customer computers
Platinum-exclusive sales incentives and promotional activities
Personal business strategy session with Bluebeam Channel Managers at the eXtreme Conferences
Eligible to receive advanced licensing system capabilities
Company-wide license of Revu
Complimentary Studio Prime NFR license
Training Benefits Authorized Silver Gold Platinum
Access to the Bluebeam Crash Course–our online training incentive program
Access to Reseller Training webinars
Access to the Bluebeam Certifed Training Program
Eligible for on-site Bluebeam sales training
Eligible to receive training and services leads from Bluebeam
BCIs may apply for speaking slot at eXtreme Conferences
Marketing Benefits Authorized Silver Gold Platinum
Official Bluebeam Partner Status logo and email signatures
Access to pre-made online marketing and sales collateral
One-on-one Bluebeam marketing support with a dedicated partner relations specialist
Eligible to receive marketing funds
Priority listing on’s “Find a Reseller” page
Personalized Bluebeam Partner Plaque
Access to co-branded marketing materials
Eligible for Bluebeam reseller “Success Story”
VIP invitations to eXtreme Conferences 2
Priority sponsorship choice for eXtreme Conferences
Requirements Authorized Silver Gold Platinum
Completed VAR contract and Partner Profile
Include Bluebeam prominently on your company’s homepage and website navigation
Introductory training
Minimum revenue as agreed upon during annual planning call
Written Bluebeam-approved marketing plan by January 1 with quarterly check-ins
Quarterly sales engagement
Biannual planning call with sales & marketing leads
Minimum percent of the sales team that must have *BCSP certification 25% 50% 75%
Customer support available through a dedicated Bluebeam email alias (e.g.
Minimum required certifications on staff *BCC or *BCI *BCC and *+BCI
Minimum annual marketing activities 6—at least 1 per quarter 9—at least 1 per quarter 12—at least 1 per quarter
*BCSP – Bluebeam Certified Sales Professional
*BCC – Bluebeam Certified Consultant
*BCI – Bluebeam Certified Instructor
+Must be two separate employees