New Customer Registration Program

Submit. Register. Save! Value Added Resellers (VARs) can submit Bluebeam opportunities for New Customer Registration to be eligible for an additional discount!
Program Details

Receive an additional 10% discount up to one year for finding net-new or winback Bluebeam customers!

  • Initial submission and order must be for at least 10 users of Basics, Core, or Complete (a mix of packages is fine)
  • No purchase or any active Subscription within the last two years for the customer
  • No existing customer opportunity in the last 90 days by Bluebeam or another Partner
  • If approved, your extra 10% discount is available for 90 days. If a qualifying order is placed during this time, Bluebeam will issue a certificate extending your 10% discount for one year.
  • This certificate allows one year to place multiple POs for the customer with an additional 10% discount on orders for 5 or more users of Basics, Core, or Complete.
General Restrictions
  • Only Platinum, Gold, Silver, Emerging and Accelerated partners are eligible
  • Companies on Bluebeam’s internal ‘Customer Exclusion List’ do not qualify
    • These customers Bluebeam has deemed ineligible for New Customer Registration. We are not restricting normal reseller sales transactions with the accounts.
  • The 10% discount from New Customer Registration applies to Basics, Core, or Complete only.
  • Additional discounts from this incentive program cannot be retroactively applied to POs already submitted to Bluebeam for processing
    • This includes RMA’ed orders
How To Submit an Opportunity
  • Fill out the form on the right.
  • The Bluebeam Channel Team will let you know if you opportunity has been approved
  • To place a New Customer Registration order, send your PO directly to Bluebeam with the approval quote or certificate
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