Differentiation from Bluebeam

Do not market the Reseller as Bluebeam, as being endorsed by Bluebeam, or use naming conventions that imply that Reseller is a subsidiary, affiliate or division of Bluebeam.

  • Text example: BluebeamPoland.com

Do not use any of the following to name events, services, trainings, user groups or other initiatives:

  • Bluebeam Extreme Conference
  • Bluebeam User Group, BUG, [City or Country]BUG
  • Bluebeam University

Do not use Bluebeam trademarks in standalone Reseller website URLs. For example:

  • [Reseller Name]-Bluebeam.com
  • [Reseller Name]-Revu.au
  • Bluebeam-[Country].ca
  • BluebeamRevu-[Country].de

Reseller social media handles and titles of blogs, events, webinars and other initiatives that include Bluebeam trademarks must:

  • Include the attribution credit described in the Trademark Usage section
  • Clearly identify who runs the initiative:
    • [Blog Title] by [NAME] with [Reseller Name]
    • Join [Reseller Name] for a webinar/event
      • Text example of webinar invite with reseller company name “Join [Reseller Name] for this webinar on Bluebeam collaboration”