To submit a technical support inquiry to Bluebeam, please click the button below and fill out the pre-populated email. It’s important that our Support Team has this information from the start to ensure they can respond timely and accurately. Not having this information could cause delays and back-and-forth emails to obtain it.  Even if you are forwarding your customer’s email to our Support Team, it’s still very important to provide the below information.  Our Support Team will respond to you as quickly as they can and it is the expectation of you to respond to the customer using the information we provide.

Note: Depending on the complexity of the issue it may take multiple days or direct communication with the customer to resolve.  If our Support Team needs to respond directly to your customer, we will always keep you copied on the email chain for visibility, so you know the case status (open, waiting on a customer, issued resolved, or closed).

For Workflow assistance and guidance on solutions, please reach out to your Channel Account Manager.

Revu 21 Subscription Issues: If your inquiry is related to a subscription account issue it is important to provide the information outlined below. There are a lot of complexities with subscription. By providing the necessary details right away we’ll be able to submit the request directly to our Subscription Accounts team for investigation.

In order to best understand your technical support inquiry, please have the following information prepared:

  • Your customer’s license details
    • Revu 21 – Account information and email of the affected user
    • Revu 20 – Serial number
  • Summary of the question/issue
  • Screenshot of any errors encountered
  • What troubleshooting has been done and has any workarounds been found?
  • Where did you leave off or what do you/the customer need/expect?
  • Please attach Bluebeam log files (required) and sample files (if available). Learn how to send log files using this article.
Submit a Technical Support Inquiry