Landing Pages

The goal of all marketing landing pages is to educate and inspire action.

A good way to approach writing landing pages is to anticipate what possible objections the reader might have (“this seems intimidating,” “I’m not ready to pay that much,” “I’m not sure this is meant for me”), and then write something that eases their fears.

Reader's Feelings
  • Unsure
  • Intrigued
  • Suspicious
Our Tone
  • Accessible
  • Value-Driven
  • Confident
  • Authoritative

Important things to remember:

Avoid jargon and speak like a user would speak.


Revu streamlines workflows for maximum efficiency.


Revu helps you get more done in less time.

All copy should be easily scannable. Break up blocks of text into catchy, bite-size phrases and use short, punchy words (i.e., “buy” instead of “purchase”).

Don’t feel the need to adopt an elevated, “professional” tone; it only distances the reader. Pretend you’re a friendly colleague explaining how Bluebeam will make their life easier.

Emphasize benefits over features. When you do describe features, always tie them to the benefit the user will receive:


“Revu features improved takeoff tools, OCR (Optical Character Search) capabilities, automatic scale prompts, and more.”


“Reduce errors and rework with our newly improved takeoff features, now including automatic prompts for setting scale, to ensure you make the most accurate bid possible, in the shortest time possible.”