Our Voice

The Bluebeam Voice is the way we communicate with the world. Whether writing sales emails or website copy, it’s important to maintain a consistent voice when talking about Bluebeam products and services.

Our voice is:


For many customers, we’re like an old friend. Speak to readers directly (“you”) and start most emails with “Hi” (not “Hello” or “Dear”); don’t get too informal, though (no emojis or internet slang). When speaking of Bluebeam in the first person, use “us” or “we”—not “Bluebeam.” Always communicate that real human beings are speaking.


Our customers are busy, and we value their time. Say what needs to be said in the fastest (but friendliest) way possible. Avoid long, complicated sentences and use contractions (“you’re” instead of “you are”).


Just because we’re a tech company doesn’t mean we should talk like one. Speak plainly, and don’t assume all users have the same level of familiarity with industry lingo. Whenever possible, resist the temptation to use buzzwords and jargon (e.g., “leverage,” “streamline,” “disrupt”).


Over 2 million people around the world use Bluebeam, so we must be doing something right. Be confident to instill confidence: make users feel secure they’re making the right choice, but don’t brag (“our award-winning solution”).


Every day our users go to work and build amazing things. Our job is to empower them to do it faster and easier. Use language that makes it clear that it’s our users doing the important stuff.


Where some software companies are cold and intimidating, we’re warm and accessible. Make users feel comfortable enough to reach out, but don’t get in their way either.


People in the construction industry are particularly adept at detecting phoniness. Use exclamation points sparingly, and don’t be over-cheery or salesy. Speak naturally—never force anything.